Our Team Members, Are Our Key To Success!

Our Company Brand

Here at iCleaners Commercial Cleaning Services Inc. we live  by the adage that when you take care of your employees, your employees will take of your clients. This is at the core of iCleaners Commercial Cleaning Services Inc. and we go to great lengths to maintain a pleasant work environment for everyone. We understand that our team members are the backbone of our company, and our success. We have worked hard at finding and implementing many ways to attract, reward and motivate outstanding local employees.

Our Screening Process

  • Initial Screening

    We begin by screening out applicants who don’t meet our requirements. Poor communication skills are an instant red flag for us. Our clients need to be comfortable interacting with our employees.

  • Interviewing

    Once a candidate has passed the screening stage, we invite them to an interview. We design our questions so we can learn about the person who’s interested in joining our team. If their personality is a good fit, we can teach them about our industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify the best people for our team.

  • Reference Checking

    After the interview, we contact past employers to learn more about the candidate. This includes dates and lapses in their employment. We also find out if the applicant left their previous position under adverse circumstances.

  • Social Security Check

    Once we’re satisfied with an applicant’s employment history, we confirm their legal information. This includes their name and social insurance number. We do this to verify the candidate’s identity and protect everyone involved. It also prevents a person without proper documentation from entering a client’s facility.

Training – It’s What Makes Us Different!

Creating great employees starts with a great training program.

  • In Class

    Orientation is held in a classroom setting, where new staff are taught how they should conduct themselves around our clients, as well as product usage, safety, energy conservation, and our standard policies and procedures.

  • On-Site Training

    All new employees are then given on-site, hands-on training. After which the manager will step back, while still stopping in often, to make sure the new member is comfortable with the experience, and that he/she is meeting our company’s cleaning service standards.

  • Supervised Visits and Checkups

    Once the new team member has fully taken charge of their new job, he or she will be put on a routine contact basis, where the focus of supervisory visits is checking cleanliness and motivation.

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