5 Tips and Tricks For A Cleaner Office

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When it comes to office cleaning, professional commercial cleaning services are an important first step. They operate during downtime in your office and provide a clean working environment which will enhance the productivity of your workforce. That being said, unless you are hiring an army of commercial cleaning experts, there are limits to what can be expected from any company. With that in mind, we have produced a list of 5 cleaning tips which you and your employees can use to minimize the chances of illness and infection while maximizing their work output.

  1. Leave a canister of CO2 (compressed air), rubbing alcohol and cotton balls near public machines

One of the easiest ways to spread germs in the workplace is through communal areas such as photocopiers, printers, keyboards and break rooms. Since these are high traffic areas, they also tend to collect large amounts of dust and debris which can be caught in closed off areas – under the keys of keyboards in particular. Supplying a canister of CO2 allows workers to quickly clean beneath and around the keys of a communal keyboard. Likewise, cotton balls dipped in rubbing alcohol can be used to swab keyboards and device panels, killing bacteria and limiting your worker’s exposure to potential illness. Computer monitors are particularly susceptible to attracting airborne dust and therefore should be cleaning regularly to avoid allergens spreading in the workplace.

  1. Perform a monthly clean of all horizontal surfaces

Dust collects most easily on horizontal surfaces – the tops of computers, desktops, cabinets, books, etc. The best way to maintain a clean workplace is to ensure that dust is not allowed to build up on these surfaces for too long. In general, the best policy is to institute a general cleaning day once per month in which employees clear their desks and wipe clean horizontal surfaces in their work space. This simple 5 to 10 minute procedure saves your commercial cleaning company time and effort which they can devote to cleaning more time-intensive areas of your office or commercial space. Supply your employees with access to cleaning products near their work station and make the process simple and quick to carry out.

  1. Use disinfecting products on regularly-touched surfaces

By retaining a consistently clean atmosphere, your employees will not only miss fewer days due to illness, they will also retain higher levels of energy as their bodies aren’t combatting potential diseases throughout the day. This requires a clean working environment, which is best supplied by disinfecting regularly-used objects such as the keyboard, telephone, light switches, door knobs and communal items such as staplers, scissors and printer paper. Bacteria can remain on surfaces for days or even weeks, so disinfecting objects and surfaces regularly gives your employees the best chances of remaining healthy throughout the work week.

  1. Keep replacement garbage can liners handy

The last thing any workplace wants is an overflowing garbage can. Such messes can cause unpleasant odors, attract rodents and is a center for disease. While your commercial cleaning company will likely make themselves responsible for the timely removal of garbage, it is always a good idea to have replacement liners available in case your workers produce an unusually high amount of garbage in a given period of time. Simply placing a few liners in the bottom of your bin, or keeping them readily handy, will permit you to keep your office space clean and will lighten the load on your cleaning agency. After all, their job is to address the largest centers of mess and freeing their time will lead to your office space being cleaner.

  1. Limit the number of personal items on employee’s desks

By limiting the number of personal items on your employee’s desks, there are not only fewer places for dust and bacteria to get trapped, but there are fewer obstacles to maintaining a properly cleaned work area. A few pictures or personal effects are fine, but a cluttered desk limits overall productivity and will be next to impossible to clean properly. This will increase the likelihood of disease in the workplace and puts other workers at risk. In order to maintain the general contentment and health of your workplace, it is best if there is a limit set on the amount of personal effects on each individual’s desk.


We hope that this list of cleaning tips helps you with future decisions regarding the health and productivity of your work force. Even if you are an employee, these ideas are a great idea as it will help you keep your health and limit your family’s exposure to the bacteria and germs in your workplace. officecleaningtips